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Recognizing talents, accelerating careers

In Prysmian Group, talented employees show a combination of Consistent Performance and Potential, that we identify thanks to our global Talent management process P4 – Prysmian People Performance Potential. We have Talent Committees across the globe to discussing our talents’ strengths, development needs and career paths. The aim is to offer our selected talents the opportunity to accelerate their career and gain experiences to unleash their potential.

A clear path to identify our talents and make them shine

P4 process plays a crucial role in our organization because it aims to define our talent bench for the future. It is designed to allow our managers to recognize, within our best performers, the key talents in our organization and assess their potential.

People involved in this process will also have the opportunity to be part of a specific development assessment to ensure continuous improvement and readiness for the next step in their career.

Through this evaluation, the Company can also reinforces the pipeline for the succession plans of the key positions.

We measure Potential on three indicators, built on our new Leadership Model, on which we base our Talent Review discussions across all Regions and Business Units

Shows a constant hunger for learning and improvement. Has a strong will to acquire new skills and to master new situations. Is intellectually curious, creative and insightful.
Shows social intelligence in building and leveraging strong interpersonal connections in a credible and authentic way. Skillfully understands and navigates complex environments with the ability to influence and foster change despite setbacks or discontinuity

Shows and conveys great motivation, enthusiasm and drive in everyday activities acting as a true role-model for others. Puts in consistent effort, going the extra-mile to reach the objectives.

We nurture the development of our talents’ skills

Prysmian Group Academy supports and leads the development of our talents through leadership and technical trainings.

The learning portfolio offers different programs and opportunities to boost professional and managerial skills. It is one of our best asset to ensure our people have all they need to take on their next great challenge and “make it happen”.

“At the Costa Rica plant we have maintained an open communication in two senses to know and develop our talents, to understand their aspirations and future career steps within the organization. I am convinced that P4 can boost the employee career acceleration!”


Victor Gonzalez

Plant manager in Heredia, Costa Rica

“P4 represents a fantastic opportunity to discuss about our key talents and how they get to the next level of career path within the organization. This process also opens to way to great learning experiences, such as the “International Leadership Program” I was proud to participate.”

leif bajarias

Leif Bajarias

Finance controller, Philippines

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