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We support wholesalers, resellers and OEMs with solutions designed to meet both current and future demands - always with absolute reliability and total flexibility.

Along with reliability and flexibility, our solutions are designed for greater bandwidths.

We also produce:

  • Copper and fibre cables for short/medium distance applications in offices and data centres
  • Optical and copper cables for alternative uses, including studio cables for radio, TV and film
  • Coaxial RF cables
  • Base station and antenna connections in mobile networks



We support customer needs and requirements by investing in higher value-added products, and developing high-performance cables that are fully compliant with the most stringent European CPR requirements.

Construction Products Regulation

EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) covers any cable product that is intended to be used in construction works (Fix Installation), including both buildings and civil engineering works. It is subject to performance requirements on the reaction to and/or resistance to fire. CRP became mandatory for cables on 1 July 2017.

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